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  • Receive prominent ArtistShare┬« credit listing on the project CD
  • A personal invitation to attend the mixing or mastering session
  • VIP access to performances
  • Composition dedication
  • An exclusive look into my creative process as we arrange and perform music for the recording
   This project was completed on 9/8/2017    read more
The original project description read as follows

For years I have made an effort to express myself with absolute creative freedom. I have plunged deep into my own creative world, steeped in a dark Nordic tone with melodic color. Growing up in Denmark, I've followed this artistic perspective in hope to gain insight into my own creative vision. With my longtime collaborator, Jacob Christoffersen, I've discovered new territory. Now I have the chance to fully realize my vision with three incredible musicians, Joey Baron, Scott Colley, and Larry Koonse.  Their creative contribution will help me to bring my musical domain to life. Welcome to my first ArtistShare Project, Dreams.

I've enjoyed some amazing opportunities in my home country. Last year I had the chance to sing for the three daughters of Denmark's Queen Ingrid, Her Majesty Queen Margrete, Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte, and Her Majesty Quenn Anne-Marie. In 2014, I received a Danish Music Award (Denmark's Grammy) for my album, Face the Music. Now, I am looking forward to sharing what inspires me the most, what influences me, and how I will be bringing my creative world to you. As the project progresses, you will be able to follow my entire creative process from start to finish through videos, audio clips, photos, downloads and more.

Please join me on this new adventure as we discover new music in Dreams.