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silver "sputnik" participant

Silver "Sputnik" Participant
$5,000 Limited (5 left of 10 )

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Estimated ship date : 4/2/2020
Ships to: Anywhere In the world

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what you get

    • Prominent ArtistShare® Silver "Sputnik" credit listing on the new recording
    • Limited Edition Data Lords CD- autographed and personalized (estimated delivery Apr 2 2020 12:00AM) with accompanying hi-res download
    • Invitation to a post-recording Q&A webcast where participants can ask questions
    • Facetime or phone insider scoop with Maria (pre-&-post-recording)
    • Mini-sized (framable) handwritten one-of-a-kind manuscript of a melody or small passage from the album signed directly to participant
    • "Reclaim Your Brain" Club membership 
    • High-quality print of a chosen aspect of album artwork, signed by world-renowned artist, Aaron Horkey
    • ArtistShare Experience documenting the creation of this recording from conception to fruition.

The Silver "Sputnik" Participant Offer is named after a new eerie composition we will record that features Scott Robinson. Suffice it to say, the music evokes images of satellites (there are now thousands) and the fabric of information that now orbits our world. By participating at this level, you will truly be launching this project into orbit.

Along with being credited on the artwork of the final CD, you will also receive exclusive access to every aspect of this project. I look forward to reaching out to my Silver "Sputnik" Participants on Facetime, Skype or phone, giving my pre-&-post-recording scoop on this project.

You will also receive a handwritten excerpt of a favorite passage from “Sputnik” signed directly to you. All Silver "Sputnik" Participants will be invited to a “post-recording” Q&A webcast/podcast where you can ask questions with other participants.

You will receive a signed print taken from the original album artwork to be created by world-renowned artist, Aaron Horkey.

Silver “Sputnik” participants also become of member of Maria’s “Reclaim Your Brain” Club, where together, we commit to turning off our devices for swaths of time, leaving more space for our inspiration and ideas to arise. Maria will create little challenges and inspirational ideas throughout the project for club members to consider trying. "Reclaim Your Brain” Club members are encouraged submit musings, discoveries, human connections — anything you've thought, experienced or created that you feel arose from reclaiming some your inner space. Submissions can be made via PDF, video or audio for private viewing by other "Reclaim Your Brain" Club members.

I hope you’ll considering launching us into orbit by becoming a Silver "Sputnik" Participant!