new works for the sfjazz collective

14 days to go

participant offers

ArtistShare Commission Participant

Enhanced Listener Participant

project highlights

  • Credit listing on the score and parts
  • An invitation to the SFJazz Collective premier performance
  • Full access to the creative process as it unfolds

Welcome to the New Works for the SFJazz Collective project!  I invite you to join me on this journey while I compose a new work specifically for the SFJazz Collective and arrange two Jobim classics for the 2018/2019 season.

I look forward to sharing the evolution of these pieces from the first handwritten sketch to the final performances with the SFJazz Collective.  Participants will receive exclusive access to project video interviews, creative process updates as well as credit listing on the final score and parts.   I will also looking forward to sharing rehearsal/soloing tips as well as a study score version of the new composition. 

I hope you will join me on this creative journey.