Allegrésse CD


Allegrésse CD


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What you get

  • The Allégresse mail order CD
  • Streamed "Hang Gliding" video (slideshow of Maria hang gliding over Rio, set to the music)
  • Streamed video of Scott Robinson's extraordinary laboratory (Scott is featured on "Sea of Tranquility")
  • Streamed video of Maria talking about the music on Allégresse. This album had no liner notes, so this gives an in depth description of the music.
  • Streamed video of Maria talking about the "recording set-up" of Allégresse

About This Offer

Allégresse was our third album. Recorded in 2000, it opens with one of the most popular songs we've recorded to date, "Hang Gliding." Other often requested pieces on this recording include "Journey Home" and "Sea of Tranquility."

With this offer you'll get to see a fun slideshow/video of the experience that inspired "Hang Gliding." There is a lot of earnest music on this recording, including "Dissolution," which was originally a collaboration with the very popular dance group, "Pilobolus."

We made this recording pre-ArtistShare, and therefore, sadly don't have all the documentation that we always prepare now, but we have prepared some interesting videos despite that, including Scott Robinson's "laboratory," and Maria speaking in depth about all of the music recorded here. Those videos along with the video of flying over Rio, will hopefully illuminate the music on this album that was voted by TIME Magazine as one of the "Top 10 Albums of the Year" (inclusive of all genres).

With this offer, of course, you will receive your CD via mail-order.